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I too had snakes.
Not too bad. They're actually quite good. Drank blood and also this 'ball' thing (I think that it's the liver or something). It's said to cure asthma. Also snakes are eaten in Asia for warmth. Usually when its winter time, tons of snakes are killed for snake soup. I've eaten, fried, soup, skin (kinda raw...) and cooked. My friends and family always asks me what kind of snake it is just by looking at the skin...and I tell you...most of them are either Taiwan beauties or Blue beauties...since they are larger...

Talking about gross...there is this guy in Hong Kong that does 'shows' in killing the snake. He actually grabs the snake by the head and then bites of the snake's an attraction..I went up to him and told him all the bateria and all that and asked him to stop doing that 'attraction thing' or I'll be going to the SPCA to sue him. Don't know if my threat worked or not...but soon he was gone...and I haven't heard of him anymore.....
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