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I've dealt with this before, it is a simple case of the right hand and left hand having no Idea that they have another hand.

The information you got from CFIA is correct. They do not regulate herps other than turtles and tortoises any longer. It has been quite a while actually (more than 10 years I think), so this insn't really news.

However, CITES, and bringing any form of wildlife, colubrids included - still does require all that it used to as far as permits go.

Likewise, if you ask your provincial fish and wildlife to write import permits for turtles, they may tell you that you can import turtles, and neglect to mention the CFIA regulations - simply because they don't realize they exist. I know people who have got permits to import turtles, but not the CFIA permits (used to be called Ag Canada)

The Ag Can / CFIA turtle thing was implemented a long time ago to address salmonella (as far as I have been told). Other reptiles used to need permits I think, but now only turtles and tortoises.

They also state that you can't sell the turtle or tortoise, or any of its offspring. An inspection of the facility usually takes place - and they generally only grant permits for scientific or zoo use, however I've heard of a few people who got permits for pets.

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