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Jungle Found!!!

As some of you may know my jungle carpet python escaped his home on saturday afternoon and I'd spent the last couple days tearing apart the house looking for him...well tonight, over 4 days since he disappeared I was going to do another look search ended first spot I looked was the closet, I looked up on the top shelf then went down and figured I'll look in the filing cabinet I have in there...sure enough I open the bottom draw and I see a yellow and black snake puffed up trying to hide under some magazine...i did look there in the past but did not see him...he was in my bedroom the entire time, even though i'd looked everywhere...funny thing! I knew he was right in front of my nose the whole time! I'm so glad I have found him, he was a little cold but back in his more secured home he will heat up in no time! A very happy ending.....thank god!

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