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Yeah, I buy this kind of stuff all the time.
Lizard Mom, Jeff Hathaway, Siretsap, are right on the money...
Lee Valley is great but a tad overkill for the average occasional user.. Its like recommending SNAP ON TOOLS for a guy that uses a wrench once a year.(too much investment for too little payback)

Get him a decent set of standard "twist" bits..
Cobalt , Titanium, or simply HSS(high speed steel)will make the average guy
quite happy
Canadian Tire, and Home Depot often have good deals on full sets, in metal boxes....
Get him a decent set in a box.... It's hard to wrong as long as you're spending 40 bucks and up.
I buy sets for my shop at work.
I've got complete sets of HSS bits for as low as 25 bucks. I look for the Can Tire specials....Sure they don't last as long, but define long?? We'll use bits at least once a week for a then they are dull... but weigh that against the investment...
I chuck the entire box and give the staff a new one. We have bit sharpeners but they suck, and take time... Replacing standard bits is better economy
Titanium bits are sharp but brittle... If they get stuck in metal stock , they snap,quicker than a Ritz cracker in the jaws of a monitor ... so sharpness has a price, and that is fragility...

My recommendation for average household and herper use...
A middle of the road set of HSS twist bits...
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