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I do have a lot of paranormal experience since I was little kid. I used to afraid of them. When I grown up, I understand them more and not afraid anymore. Also they know who can see them and who cannot; its like a radio frequency, some people tuned and able to receive the signal.

They like human have different characters. I used to have one always like to play with me, he liked to hide my stuff all the time- e.g. I put my cell phone on the table, within a blink its gone. Then I call "Give me back the phone! I'm waiting for a call!" Within a short while, the phone reappears. This become like an everyday stuff, of course some freaky stuff is no good to talk about.

Right now, when my friends want to buy a house or move into a new place. They always ask me to go to see anything "special" about the place. May be this six sense is going to follow me into the grave.....

Ha! Ha!
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