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You also have to respect posted copyright notices and many of the news organizations require that no portion of any article be reposted on the internet without prior written consent. I recently received an email from a friend who works at the Associated Press recommending that I remove one particular copyrighted article from this site. His boss was quite angry that it was republished without permission but had not yet taken any legal action. So my friend stepped in with a word to the wise to try and head off problems.

Fortunately the boss was satisfied that the article was removed and the member asked not to repost any more articles. The Associated Press has won a number of lawsuits when their articles were posted on a website as they have a very strict copyright notice that all news agencies who use their services are required to uphold.

Notice the "commentary, criticism..... etc. part of the Fair Use law? Websites have lost lawsuits because discussion was not deemed to be scholarly in tone. The web by its nature is a public event and participation cannot be limited to students, researchers, etc. They ended up being shut down or having to pay large fines. Even sites that won their lawsuits sometimes go bankrupt because of the legal fees.

Please play it safe and just post a link to the article rather than reposting any portion of it. does not have an onstaff legal team to handle any repercussions and copyrights must be respected according to the TOS here.
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