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I work in a vary haunted hotel and yes i have seen a few ghosts one of a little girl and one of a man dressed in a tail coat tux.
The most freaky experience that i have had was when i was opening up part of the hotel and i was walking towards the light switch and b4 i even had a chance to get near it the lights and fans turned on. One time around 5 am I was in the storage room grabing a few things and I heard some person calling me and not one person was around. It freaked me out soooo bad I all most cried. This one time I had to fold a lot of napkins and stored them in the boardroom and left them to go finish something else and when I came back they were gone. I asked my co-workers if they moved them and they all said no and the next day they showed back up in the exact spot where I had left them. On one or more occasions I could smell cigar smoke really strongly yet not one person was smoking in that area infact most of the hotel is non smoking! so strange. Once down in the gift shop books flew off the shelf and hit my co-worker in the back. The books hit her so hard that they left cut marks on her back! Needless to say we were so freaked out we ran out of the store a.s.a.p! It's not unusual to experiece these things and yes I do belive in ghosts.
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