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I buy bed a beast (or similar products) at a feed store for a fraction of the cost. I also pick up my meal worms substrate from a feed store (better prices than walmart). Some cages have rubbermaid bowls for water and food (that cuts cost quite a bit). Light bulbs i get at hardware stores along with floresent fixtures. Instead of buying gallon jugs of spring water i buy reverse osmosis water for the same price at a speciallty fish store. For fresh veggies i go to a specaillty market They are so much cheaper there. I buy insects of the net instead of from the pet shop i get more for my money that way. Right now i can't think of anything else. Oh wait for my last sustrate for my leos (which i just redid thier cage) I bought all the rocks at a masonry (there is a specialty herp store that sells rocks for an outragous price).
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