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Guess we could write a book! (From Jan)
I saw the Titantic movie in a theater after it was released. At the end of the movie I remembered my former life, and in front of my 2 girls, and a friend, I stood straight up and said "I remember the ship breaking in half!" I was on that ship, I remembered my name, how I jumped off the ship, being in the water...(I died)
I had this other person LIVING in my head for 3 days until by a freak meeting with a person I told my story to, somehow everything settled down.
"SOMEONE" is a reincarnated spitfire pilot, shot down after the Battle of Britain, he loves WW2 planes, and had alot of dreams about being shot down by a yellow nose ME-109. (Oh yeah, that one part of the movie Pearl Harbor REALLY freaked him out!)
We also live with a ghost! She died here before we moved in. We have had a picture flying off a hallway wall 3 times, The Doc has had a penny dropped on him in the shower, Chistmas ornaments thrown around the apartment...and falling in my lap from nowhere! The picture is no longer in the hallway, and things have settled down after 5 years. Lots of surprises and loud thumps, but she has never hurt anyone.
I have seen my share of ghosts, we both have seen UFO'S, but thats my story, and I'm sticking to it. (It's the wierd stuff that makes life interesting!)
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