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I have had way too many incidences to not believe...

In my room at night I hear stuff and see stuff... and no it's not my imagination. One night, I heard a crash and woke up and switched the light on to find a bunch of crap knocked over. I thought one of my snakes had gotten out, but checked all the cages and they were all there, safe and sound, and nothing was in my room :O.

And one time, I was talking on the phone with a friend of mine and my intercom beeped and it even wasn't plugged in or turned on!!! I heard it loud and clear and so did the person on the phone. We were both freaked out and I ended up throwing the stupid thing out of my room and it ended up falling down the stairs, haha.

Those are just 2 of several things that have happened to me... if you ask me, yes I believe in ghosts and yes I do believe in demons.
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