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I used to live in a house that was full of them, and they weren't the friendly type either. I was 4 years old and living in an old house on Whyte Avenue in Edmonton. At night (and I was FULLY awake mind you) I'd hear growling and scratching in the walls beside my bed. The growls were neither human nor animal. My CATS even refused to go into the basement, they would growl and hiss everytime the even got to the top of the stairs. And whenever I did venture down there, it was colder than most basements are, and the smell of rotting meat plauged the air. That was one experience. I'd have multiple attacks on me physically to the point where I'd be covered in scratches and sometimes even bite marks.

When I was 7, my grandmother was dying of liver failure, and I went to visit her in the hospital. It was a very disturbing site for a girl my age as she was hooked up to machines and riddled with jaundice. At about 9PM or so that night, I started vomiting uncontrollably and was bawling, because I knew that she had passed away. The hairs on the back of my neck rose and I turned to see my grandmother standing in the doorway. My grandmother told me to tell my mother that everything was going to be all right. I found out later in life that she died that night around that hour. *shudder*

I've had several more experiences than that, but, I think I'll save that for when I want to write a novel on paranormal experiences. *L*
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