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tired of wasting rodents !!

Ok, we're getting really tired of wasting rodents.. So we have a question for ya !

We've been in the hobby for allmost 2 years and we buy most of our snakes as babies. Feeding them on a weekly basis was never a problem and they usualy all eat pretty well (exept when in shed, wich is normal). Since we are fairly new to the hobby and that we buy young snakes, we aren't really use to dealing with older snakes, but now our collection is getting a bit older and we our questionning feeding scedule.

I would say that in the past 5 feeding we have been wasting alot of mouse and rats, some great feeders and becoming not so good feeders. They seem really healthy, they just don't look that hungry anymore.

At what age should (boas, pythons, colubrid) be fed less often ?

We know that it's different for every specie, but we thought that a 12 to 18 months snake still growing would still need to be fed every 7 days. Should some be extended to 10 and 14 days ?

What do you guys think ?

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