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sSnakeSs Party Anyone? i can't exactly hide this from Jeff...but i really wanted it to be a surprise...but here goes. I would like to arrange some sort of party for all the members here sometime in the new year. I was initially thinking about the same time as the feb show...but im now thinking that weather wise it might not be the best time of the year. Following that..there is an april show. I figure that near a show date would make it more of an event for ppl to come to. It would be in celebration of the sites 2nd anniversary, and i wanted to throw one to show the best brother in law in the world how proud i am of him. What i need from you out there in net land is a show of hands of who would attend? At this point im not sure if i need a restaurant..a club...a hall or what? Im not even sure if its something i could do financially and have it offered at 100% free....but thats my goal. So if you would be interested...please let me know..thanks
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