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Ghosts no I have not but I have had many experances that can not be explained by the current scientific community.

2 examples although I could give more.

I woke up in the middle of the night once went and woke up my parents and told them that my grandmother had just died I was so conviced that they called my aunt who lived beside my grandmother in an apartment and had her check on her and she was really dead. at the time we were over 1000 miles from my grandmother and the death was unexpected.

I took a few counseling classes in college because I am one of those people that others seem to want to talk to and I wanted to actually be able to help. I am usually very good at reading people. But this one time in a coffee shop there was a person I was talking with about a problem he had and he was trying to explain something to me and I just wasn't getting it. Well any way he reaches over and touches my arm and BAM the hair on my back stands up and I can litterally "read his book" I mean I told him stories from his childhood and described how people in his life looked. It freeked me out some but it really scared him. He thought I was like psychic and stuff.

Remember you must believe first before you can see.

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