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When I was little, maybe 5 or 6, my family lived in a townhouse in Windsor. We had a little dog named Monchue and he used to howl occasionally in the middle of the night for long periods of time. We used to keep it in a crate in the kitchen. It was terrifying.

Many times, when I was laying in bed with my eyes closed, I could feel something crawl on my bed. It would walk around on top of me. Not human size, small, like Guinea Pig size. Walking on two legs though. I would be so terrified that I couldn't open my eyes or move. I thought that if I pretended to be asleep and breathed shallow enough, it would leave me alone. I never saw anything because I would close my eyes really tight. I thought for sure that I was awake though.

Honestly, I now think that it was my imagination or something, maybe a nightmare. It was very realistic to me though and still scares me. I haven't thought about it in a very long time. Come to think of it, it could have been some kind of sleep disorder or something. At the time, I was doing allot of sleep walking. The only time ever in my life, while living in that house. I did it quite often. My parents often caught me trying to pee in the bath tub and closets and what not lol. I gues you never know what it was, it was very, very real to me then.
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