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Originally posted by chamitch
i thought vegan was tottaly no cheese or anything. so if u eat that can u still be a vegan? humans are meant to eat meat. unless u are a culture who has evolved eating little meat such as asian cultures. in general phycologists think people use vegetrianism as a masakistic action. most become weak and pail sick. its not that i have anything against vegetarians at all. im sure if u grew up hunting for food and where actually a part of gatherign food u would. jsut the way they kill animals now adays really sucks
Vegans don't use animal products.
And This is not true. The vegans that become pale and sick become that way because they are not eating healthy. Just omitting dairy and meat from your diet doesn't mean that you're healthy. You have to do a lot of research and get a nutrition plan. I've been vegan for a little over two years now, and my body has never felt better. I am not too thin or too big, my skin is clear, and everything works right. I am very healthy, because I'm doing it right. There are a lot of meat eaters that are very unhealthy, too, you know.
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