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Originally posted by Linds
There really isn't any way to maintain ones life while avoiding taking the lives of others on this planet. To live you have to take life... it is virtually impossible for anyone to avoid that.
I agree with this. I wouldn't keep snakes if I didn't think this was true. For things to live, other things have to die. The reason I am vegan is because I don't believe in causing unneeded suffering (bad treatment with farming..they are not all like this of course, but a lot of them are), and for health reasons. I don't see killing and eating a cow as bad. People need to eat. I do, however, see cramping 600 cows in a small amount of acres, fattening them up unnaturally, and then slaughterning them inhumanely as unneeded suffering, and it shouldn't happen. I see being vegan/vegetarian as taking a stand against inhumanity. It's a small part to play in the world, and it really doesn't make a difference because not enough people are veg, but it makes me feel like I've done something good. I am also vegan because it makes my body feel excellent. When your body tells you that something is right, you go with I have.

Sorry for the babble.
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