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Talking FEAR FACTOR!!! Mwuahaha

Ok, my online diary site is down so I had to tell SOMEONE! lol

Our local strip club was having a Fear Factor competition. 1st place wins 100$, 2nd 20$ and 3rd 25$ my boyfriend and I joined up.

There were four guys and four girls. And the first competition, guys were against guys and girls were against girls...

First test, girls first, we each took a turn to go on stage and they put five shot glasses in front of us of we didnt know what. The two with the fastest times won. I got 20 seconds, the rest of the chicks were 23 and up. (The was no alcohol, I know one was tobasco though). Then the guys went and Derek won with 14 seconds and the other guy with 15

So we each went to the second round...

But a problem arose, all the girls that had competed, including the one that was in the second round with me, pulled out and left. And we needed four people. So they took one of the guys back, and I was automatically in the final round because of it. But I still had to perform the stunt.

Next contest they took us to the back and put the guys in red bikini's...and then they took me to the back and they put me in stripper panties (and stretchy little thong) and a tiny white tank top, apparently I was the eye candy lol

Then we each had to go into a pool full of water, oil and spaghetti blindfolded and find the lobster lol

All the guys were around 20 seconds...then I went in, and oh yeah, 4 seconds baby!

So the next contest came up...and it was disgusting...we each had to sit on stage, and eat a bull testicle *gag*

Derek ate the full testicle, which was about the size of a soft ball, then joel, the only other person left, took one bite and puked, I took two bites, and it took me two minutes, so either way I was automatically in 2nd, so I just stopped there.

I got to keep the stripper thong and Derek's bikini. And we got hats and T-Shirts. Then Derek and I both got the money.

Only bad thing, after the shot of tobasco and the fact that the testicle was covered in tobasco and salt, my throat is just utterly DYING, I cannot talk or swallow without a considerable amount of pain. But oh well, I got 50$! lol

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