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I told her, yes. I told her that if she couldn't close the door properly, not to take the snakes out at all.
I'm not too forthcoming when it comes to telling people what not to do because I'm worried about being overly bitchy. I got pretty mad one time, when she opened the door to my boa's cage for it to come out (she lets them crawl out so she doesnt have to reach and grab it) but when the snake put its head out, she got scared and closed the door on the snake's head. The boa wasn't hurt, but I wasn't very happy with her about that.
I've also said "why the hell are you hurting my snakes? if you cant handle them right then let me do it" when she's walked through a doorway and hit the snake's head against the wall.
I thought I acted fairly obviously about not being too happy with her acting the way she did about my snakes, but I guess she didn't care/realize. But there is no more ambiguity now, i was pretty clear. And if I don't find this snake before school on monday, i dont think i'll be talking to her anymore.

In retrospect, I waited too long to say something straight out about it, she takes SOO many liberties at my house (for example, she'll take the carton of milk and say "hey, there's not much left!" and use the rest of it. its not that big a deal, but when you rummage through people's cupboards and fridge before they are even in the kitchen themselves it tends to irritate you) but I worry that IM overreacting, you know?

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