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gees a buncha beasts in here... should go to china, they eat anything!
Well that isn't very nice. In Canada, we eat cows, sheep (lambs, too), chickens, pigs, that have been raised in deplorable conditions then killed, cleaned, cut up, packeged and placed in your grocery store for you to buy. It isn't like that everywhere, so it's pretty easy to call other cultures "beasts" when you're sitting in your comfy chair in your nice place. And just so you're aware, they don't even everything in China. They eat much of what is edible, and what's wrong with that? What makes someone a BEAST if they eat a snake but not a beast if they eat a cow?
Unless you want to labelled a racist hypocrit for criticising another country and the people with an open mind in this country, you may want to revise that statement.
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