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Angry Need to vent

Sorry, but I just need to vent about this.
Okay, one of my friends, Julie, comes over to my place sometimes (i guess 3 times to date). Anyway, each time she comes, she takes out my snakes without asking me or even telling me (which, in itself bothers me, because she doesn't know how to handle them and isn't aware of where their heads are and, as a result, sometimes bumps their heads into things or let their heads fall). And each time she takes out a snake, she invariably doesn't close the cage doors correctly (or at all) and the snake escapes. It's happened at least once every time she's been here, and I believe twice every time. Up till now, all the snakes have been easy to find because they were large and found right after their escape. Or she won't close a mouse tub all the way and at 3 am I'll wake up to my cat chasing a mouse around the room then have to spend 20 minutes looking for the others that escape (I don't have the luxury of letting them go, because I live in a building that allows NO PETS whatsoever.)
But today, she handled my small female IJ (3.5' i guess) just before she left, and I left for work right away after that. I got home, and after an hour or two I went to my room (I forget why now) and couldn't see the IJ in the cage. I looked at the door, and, lo-and-behold, it was open. I started looking for her, and I looked in my closet and I saw lots of stuff was knocked over so I presume she is in there (I think I remember hearing something about 20 minutes before I found she had escaped). And my closet is a mess. The back wall is covered to the ceiling with boxes, clothes, shoes, etc etc etc. Which means I won't find her unless she comes out on her own or I take everything out of my closet, one at a time, which I am not going to do.

I hate to vent, but I am VERY irritated right now. How hard is to close a door when you've been told so many times to do it right? I never thought it was that difficult to slide the piece of glass to the wall of the cage but I guess it is.

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