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be nice!

dearest linds... i don't know if that really qualifies for "good" humor, you know? humor, maybe, but "good humor" i really don't know!!!!! hey, i guess its just a matter of opinion, though, eh! but that might be likened to saying that my father joking about snakes being "beautiful? what? as a pair of boots? a hat? what?" is "good humor"! again, though, i guess it is a matter of opinion! right? i'm not trying to be a d*ck here, eh linds! i just don't ever think any joke refering to the suffering of any living being is very humorous... well, maybe joking about vegetable pain, or something, but thats as far as it goes with me!!! boy! what a sour puss i am! "party pooper", eh? oh well! see ya!
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