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lol he is not dead... its definatly road dogg... i never heard the he is dead rumor though... i watch tna occasionally by the way..... i like the x division alot. the only reason i dont watch it more is casue alot of my friends wont watch it cause they dont know who is who and stuff so they find it boring... real ignorant eh. oh well. i think its a great place that ex wwe employes can go... if superstars keep going there the rate they are going then i think it will be able to slowly pick up... hopfully rvd jumps ship!
Royce 4 life!! BEEF!!

What I got...
0.1 evil feline
1.0 hedgehog
1.2 leopard geckos
1.1 emerald swifts
0.0.1 blue tailed skink
2.1 fire belly toads
0.0.1 fire belly newt, eatern newt, oregon newt, mudpuppy
and lots of fish...
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