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I play guitar and write, and record, and sing(har har)... and blow some harp. Used to teach accordian many years ago.
I play mostly blues and folk type crap. I have a couple strats, a Les Paul, and a Hot Rod Telecaster..
I recently bought a palm top digital multitrack... the zoom PS02.
What a fantastic piece of technology...
It's got tons of guitar patches, plus its a drum machine and it plays bass too.... All that and a multitrack with bounce, punch in/out and mixdown effects. It records onto Smart media, then I mix it down into CD
I've recorded an entire album with it, while sitting down!! LOL
The built in mic is fantastic too.
I've got two big Half stack amps a Marshall and a Peavey Class50 and an 800watt PA, but I hardly get time to use them anymore.
I have these slithery things that take up all my time
Uncle Roy
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