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Three years ago, i started playing classical, electric and acoustic guitar. I like the classical the most... I'm really into fingerpicking

My favourite instrument must be the vocal chords (if you count those as instruments, that is..) I LOOVE singing to the point that it pisses other people off In class, I'm always singing to myself, at home I'm always singing... basically whenever I'm not doing something extremely exciting,(which is most of the time) then I'm singing. This year, I started taking voice training and not to brag or anything, but I must say.. I'm pretty good for my first year! My teacher is extremely impressed. My range is a little over 5 octives. (Yes, you heard me correctly... FIVE octives!!) Hehe I can't help but brag about it I just have to practise my sound though... I definitely do no have the nicest sound

If I ever stop playing guitar, I would probably like to take up double bass. My old babysitter, Josh, used to play it and he let me try it... it seems like such a fun instrument to play!! When I start highschool, I will also take up trombone.

I can also play recorder (but d'uh.. can't we all? ) and I can play a bit of ukelele. Hehe!

Ah what can I say.. I have a very musical family. My mom is a piano teacher and my dad's a pianist. I brag about my father SOO much, but I mean, if he was your dad, you probably would, too!! He does music for kids tv shows, movies, celebs, the Juste for Laughs Festival, the Jazz festival, and much more. He has also won tons of award but meh... awards don't matter much to me My only sister, Ali, w ho is older than me, plays trombone, cello, and piano. She is in the school Honor Band and does parades as close as montreal and as far as Ontario. I'm so proud of my family!!

My parents were pissed off as hell when they found out that my favourite type of music was singing... they wanted me to be like my sister and play a real instrument... not sing! But naturally, being daddy's little girl, I got my way and started voice training. Yippeee!!!

Wow... after reading what I wrote above, I realize that I've basically been bragging telling everybody about my life. But meh.. I hope you don't mind!!
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