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Originally posted by Invictus
I play everything - guitar, drums, bass, vocals.... primarily I'm a singer, and always have been. I'm a better drummer than guitar player, but I haven't been behind a kit in a good long time. But, it's like riding a bike.

Soul Reaper - I love your setup man!!!! What brands do you like? Myself, I like Tama all the way. Looks like you like Ziljian and Paiste cymbals, which is good.... I personally love Sabian crash cymbals and Ziljian rding cymbals/High hat. But I looooooove tama drums.
Hey man! It's good to have another skin basher in the community!!! My only instrument is drums, i suck at guitar and bass...and my singing....well, let's just say my snakes brains would pop if i ever tried to sing around!

As for the brands, i've played a couple of different brands during my 8 years, started off on Yamaha, went to Tama, Pearl and now DW. I used to have a 6 piece Tama Rockstar back home, those drums ROARED!!! I haven't played any of the high end Tama kits (I.E Starclassic) and such, but from what i've heard, they are phenomenal!

And cymbals, well i have always been a big Zildjian fan, from the start i have always played Zildjian cymbals, because of their affordability and availability, you can find Zildjians everywhere. I have just started on Paiste cymbals actually, they are by far the best cymbals makers in the market, but they are EXPENSIVE as hell and don't come with a warranty, which it sucks. Sabian cymbals are great as well, they have a new line now called METAL X, designed particularly for hard hitters (I.E Metal drummers ) I've read some reviews on them and so far, they've gotten excellent feedback, i still wanna check them out in the future.

What kind of drums do you/did you play? For how long?

As for all the other musicians in here...ROCK ON!
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