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Ok this is what we have so far. I corrected some peoples grammatical errors

One day, a man was taking his girlfriend whos name was the same as that ugly elf who lived
under the rickety bridge that really enjoyed picking his nose and sticking loogies up his bum.
He found a brick and named it something then ate the horse and fled to afghanistan where he
ate a goat and shot Osama he went over to japan and had some saki as he poked his thingy
into nothing but flung which made him go wildly insane and set fire on his mom. Then she ran
into a tree so he cried until his head turned into a big red balloon then blew up then got
ressurected into a big peace of crap that looked simular to Mike's head after Rachel sat on
her eggs down beside the hairy naked man, it was obvious that he had a little one tucked
under his old smelly crack but he still played with it and she liked to watch him rub and tug
his fat nose until his tongue got weary and started to tingle and he realised that he likes
spicy mexican tacos splattered on his inner left thigh, then rachel decided to throw at mikes
face and say im sorry for what he did to me but he is still an a$$ naturally, he shoved him over
the edge of the CN tower and... And Splatt is now his nickname. Now the moderators think this
thread is so neato and excellent that might be something closing it would hopefully not be
an option, but it very well might get annoying. Might be the end, it's too bad for t.v. and the showe
doesn't fit his small baby feet do not stink like Mike-Dozer after not showering and rolling
in dog crap and lean ground beef, he then flew straight to pluto and found smoking hot women and he found a
0.2 common boas
1.0 veiled chameleon
0.0.1 savannah monitor

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