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Nice ethical question, chas*e! I know many keepers that share that view. I'm of the opinion that, as a keeper, you bear the responsibility of providing any means available to you to provide the best environment and opportunity to thrive as you possibly can to your charges. I absolutely abhor the "disposable herp" mentality that dominates our hobby these days.

Personally, I've spent in excess of $300 to treat a single issue for an animal. I know many of you have dedicated more than that and I applaud and respect your efforts to ensure your animals have the best treatment available. I do, however, take exception to the individuals that choose to provide the bare minimum and let nature take it's course. After uprooting these animals from their native environs, I feel that it is our responsibility to provide the optimum chances for their survival and reproduction to perpetuate their respective species thereby ensuring their genetic legacies.

Additionally, I feel its high time that herps received the same considerations as mammals and birds when it comes to the "Animal Welfare Act" and the rights and considerations stated therein !!

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