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"Your wife goes to the cupboard to get a tupperware container, but you have them all utilized as water dishes."......I know that feeling, my woman hates me for that.

...when you are jumping from rock to rock catching lizards at the park to feed crotes, all along folks stare at you from afar like your a mad man.

...when you have to explain to the cashier that the heat pads are for a snake, not your bad back.

...when you explain to your girlfriend why you stole all the pillow cases for your long drive out of town the night before.

...when you remove the working lightbulb out of the bathroom to temporarily replace your lizards basking light.

...when you freezer is filled with more rats and DOR snakes than icecubes and ice cream.

hmmmm, I am sure there are hundreds more........
Beau Medlar

Rattlesnakes of Arizona
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