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Question Best deal ever!?!

Ok i got a large hexagonal tank... not sure on the galons?!? 2 heating pads... a uv fixture and bulb.. and a big wood piece attached to slate that would go for around $25... and i got it all for 5 bucks!!
sorry but i had to brag! that is definatly the best deal i have ever gotten... whats the best deals you guys have gotten on supplys and tanks and stuff???
Royce 4 life!! BEEF!!

What I got...
0.1 evil feline
1.0 hedgehog
1.2 leopard geckos
1.1 emerald swifts
0.0.1 blue tailed skink
2.1 fire belly toads
0.0.1 fire belly newt, eatern newt, oregon newt, mudpuppy
and lots of fish...
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