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Tara Garratt
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I guess crap like this happens whenever one person is selling something to another. Heck, whenever we are functioning in an industry where feelings are involved, people get hurt. I am sorry that things have not worked out recently. Dishonest individuals ruin so much. I am assuming from one of the other posts that you have been swindled out of money, and that someone you believed in has let you down.

I think that, for me, what always hurts the most is when I realize that I have been taken advantage of. Itís bad enough when I am out money, but when I realize that I have been played for a fool, thatís where the pain really is. I hope that, as tempting as it is, to stop trusting in people that you donít let these bad experiences change your overall outlook on life. Donít give the shmucks of the world so much power that you change who you are in response to their actions.

I think any animal is generally more honest than a person. Animals (herps included) give so much and really ask for so little. Unfortunately people are a "pack" creature. We do not tend to do well in isolation for long periods of time. Hence why we are drawn back in to try again with people. Good luck.

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