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Yes i know from experience. They can not test it through a fecal. My leos have tested postive through a necropsy and my beardies and corns through a stomach wash.

A stomach wash should only cost around 30-40 and will not harm the animal if done by a qualified vet or vet tech. They put a small tube down to the animals stomach and pump saline in and out of the stomach around 5-7 times then on the last one they keep the liquid and they have the sample sent of to a lab and you should have results in 1-2 weeks.

Ready for this one. a positive test is always positive!!!!!
But a negative could either be a negative or a positive. Gotta love it don't ya.

Edit forgot to mention this, my beardies and corns are all good they don't have crypto. But my leos have been diagnosed with crypto from a necropsy from a leo i had put to sleep cause i couldn't watch her suffer any longer.
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