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Nah J.J. it only stings when you wash it out *G*. No really, it doesn't hurt all that bad and the only one that 'did' hurt was a very big Burmese, but that left several cuts and a big, big, bruise, but he hit me hard as H*ll!!!

But then again it might hurt, I have a high tolerance for pain, example; I sustained a fractured skull and it didn't knock me out. Heck, I'm so hard headed that I didn't know my skull was fractured until several months later when I had an xray done and the doc found it. I just went around for two weeks with a massive headache and a goose egg sized bump on the noggin!
I think I was too pissed off to know that I was that badly hurt and it was during a time when I was heavily hooked on amphetamines so falling asleep with that kind of injury wasn't at issue! Do not, I repeat do not do speed, it does all kinds of terrible things to the body later in life, kidney damage not the least of my problems!

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