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ahhh i'm terrified i go back to school tomorrow

Well i've finally decided to go back to school. I figure the kids are old enough now. but man i'm sooo terrified about tomorrow. Need to finish up a few HS credits and then off to college or university we have to see which. Has anyone here ever gone back after omg it been 10 yrs since i've been out. I guess i'm just hoping to get a little pep talk from some of to boost my confidence. I am worried about my disease getting in the way of me doing this i have (fibromyalgia) and i use a cane at times. I just hate the looks i get because of my age, ppl think i'm faking it. So i'm hoping some of you have some good advice about going back to school. I am so torn about this. I'm excited but terrified about it all. thnks for reading i just needed to let this out.

Laura-Lee L
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