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The only reason Toronto gets so much press is because they are a winning team. Other then last year, Edmonton hasn't got past the 1st round in how long? Ottawa same thing. Montreal hadn't even made the playoffs. Vancouver had some good teams, but didn't have goaltending and therefore lacked the success. Calgary, same thing. The fact of the matter is, Toronto puts out a winning team and therefore sells out every game. The media in Canada uses the Leafs 'our' team in Canada because of there success and fan base. If Vancouver or even Calgary put out a winning team year after year, you would hear all about them. Remember when Calgary won the cup in the 80's. You didnt hear anything about the Leafs. Even though i am a die hard Leaf fan, i will agree with you that the fans are a bit too much.. They never want to give credit to any other team or player unless he wears the blue and white. Well one of my fav players is Comrie, so i guess i'll get some flack over that by Leaf fans eventually..
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