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You've all got the right ideas....
Light bulbs are the biggest wasters of electricity because most of the power is converted to heat not light.I agree with all of Corey's comments. Go fluorescent and compact fluoresent.
I buy compact fl's for my work place and I shop around alot and find, Canadian tire, building box and Home Depot has the cheapest compact fluorescents.
I wont buy them unless I can get them for under 6 bucks each... Look for the 3 and 4 packs...those are the best deal. Sometimes they go on sale as well will be in the 5 dollar range.
Also worth noting, there is a new dimmable compact fluorescent that just came out. Normal ones aren't dimmable and this has been a drawback in the past.
If you have house lights, like bathroom ones, that get left on for hours, install timers in place of light switches or get those infrared automatic switches, that detect people movement, and turn off when nobody is moving.
All my house lights are fluorescents and compact fluorescents , plus they only go on when motion is detected...Its all automatic. I don't even half to worry about turning off switches.
Cut drafts, increase attic insulation, shrink film large window..there's lots you can do
In the herp room, don't have lights on snakes. they don't need it.. None of my snakes have lights. I have one fluorescent fixture for the entire herp room.
Have a setback system to lower the temperature at night. I have setback thermostats on my furnace and also on my herproom electric system

Another tip...give up smoking so you can use the wasted money, to heat your herps
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