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I Attended a seminar on home energy conservation about a month ago. The main ways that they suggested were: 1) Seal the drafts in your home by caulking cracks and sealing windows with a "shrink-fit" window seal kit which is availible at most hardware stores (apparently, most homes have enough drafts to equal about a 1 foot hole in your wall), 2) If you have electric heat, drop the temperatire of your home a bit lower than it is currently (significant savings can be made with a drop of as little as 2 degree) and 3) Drop the temperature of your water heater to medium (that should run it at about 120 degrees farenheit instead of the factory setting of around 140) and insulate it (Canadian Tire sells insuating blankets made just for this). This will keep your house cooler in the summer as well.

I have electric heat, so I keep the herp room warm and the rest of the house at about 69/70 degrees when I'm home and turn it down to 65 when I'm out.
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