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Learning experiences

As many people know, we are very trusting people - and have always felt that if you trust people, it will be good karma, and you won't be taken advantage of or played as a fool.

Looks like it caught up with me a bit, In the last few months we've had 3 really bad experiences.

What is important, is to not let this kind of thing sour you.

When I got onto the Internet about 3 years ago, and started finding out about all of the reptile people in Canada - I was suprised to find out how so many people seemed to be overly paranoid or protective. I can now see why some people are like this, heck, many people don't deal with the general publc any longer.

Reptiles are much cooler than people!

We should be happy that all of the big name people who still deal with the general public as they do, still do.

Hats off to those people, they must have amazing powers of forgiveness or a very poor short term memory.

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