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I burn lots of Candles & spend lots of time walking around in the dark. I grew up lower middle class & my Mom was a penny pincher when it came to bills LOL.
CW's bulb suggestions are also in practice here. My biggest power saving will be my roomate moving out at the end of this week. He's one of those that is scared of the dark & has to have every single light in the whole house on when he's here & likes to crank the heat to 80 or 90 whenever he gets a chill + his piece of crap Jeep he drives needs to be plugged in from Oct thru March. I have a feeling that just having him move out will save me more than it costs extra LOL. Will not miss him or his wastefull ways one bit.
The reptile room thing is also a must for larger collections, much easier to heat the whole room & just provide extra heat/light to those that require it. Basically conservation is the key to success.
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