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I know what you mean... She had alread attended public school for so long that I felt guilty, and since I'm not Christian and most Home schooling organizations here are, there was really no one for me to network with. I believe in a completely academic curriculum and the Christian homeschoolers include far too much religion in their academic materials making it, well, less than academic and I while that's okay for them, it's what they believe, but it makes it very hard to find materials of a non-religion criteria for homeschooling.

As to going nuts!!! YES, but it 'was' nice to get up and have school in our pajamas while I drank coffee, and it was great to give her a sense of individuality which she needed terribly. The whole public school domain is about creating a 'sheep' mentallity, little, overly patriotic, automotons, so our homeschooling and summer away from NC really did the trick for that kid, she knows exactly what she wants and who she is. She has plans to go in the Navy and has now for two years, a plan I hope doesn't change as her hormones gear up to a full rage! LOL

She will argue a teacher down if their facts aren't correct, especially with regard to the patriotic BS they like to teach and call 'American Political Systems'!!! What a load of garbage that course is, but thankfully she has a good teacher in that course as well this year, he's Green Party, like her mother *G* and extremely jaded, I really like that man, he's such an antagonist! LOL I don't know how long the school will like him however and we'll see, he speaks his mind and as you know, that doesn't go over so well in the fundamentalist setting of the south, it tends to make life harsh, but that's the way I tend to live my life anyway. Might explain why I can count all of my real friends and beloved family members outside my household on one hand huh? LOL I could care less, in that regard I have a very Taoist attitude, I let it roll off my back whether they like it or not, life is too short to worry about pleasing anyone other than yourself and the truth is, if you're pleased with yourself, people tend to like you more, and that security means that you won't argue your beliefs and you won't be moved either without imperical evidence to the contrary, so they can't exactly fight with you and make your life miserable now can they*G*. It's all about perception.

If you don't mind the mixing of religion and academics though Silver, you might find any number of organizations there in Texas that you could network with so the children wouldn't have to be lonely. They get together for laboratory work and math clinics and sometimes field trips and many of them participate in sports together. At least that way there would be others for you and the children, if you're like me you could probably care less about your social aspect, it's more the kids we worry about, just an idea. If you're not Chrisitan you might check to see if there is a network of homeschoolers that ascribe to the beliefs that you and your family do and unlike me, you might luck out and be able to join one. I've thought about starting one here for wayward heathens, but who knows how well that would go over *G*..

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