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Ontario Hydro

Well it seems as if they are going to remove the Hydro cap. We all know what this means, bills we can't afford or at least don't want to pay. lol.

So I figured a good thread would be some ideas on how to save hydro when the time comes that they jack our bills up sky high again.

What do you think is the most efficent way to heat herps? A large number of herps? Heat tape? Bulbs?

What we have done is put all our reptiles into one room. The room itself gets around 84, so I have my tarantulas, my golden gecko, baby corns, and baby kings in there with no additional heat on them. Which saves. We also are able to turn down most of the other heating devices as when they are all put into one room its easier to use lower wattage to heat up. On top of that all the windows in that room have clear plastic over them to help keep in the heat.

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