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Originally posted by SCReptiles
Constrictors do not seek to crush. They wish to kill expending as little energy as possible. They lightly tighten each time the prey exhales until such time the prey can no longer inhale. Then they prey suffocates. I have never seen bones broken in constriction, and I am one of the people who has seen constriction from the inside. =) I donít think the snake could or would have broken her into a more bite size meal.
Actually Constrictors kill by causing Cardiac Arrest in the victim, by causing the veins and arteries in the blood system to become to shallow for blood to flow, thus causing the heart to stop.

This was shown the other night on a discovery documentary where they injected Xray dye into the man's arm and showed it without the snake, then did the same with a small 6ft bci constricting the arm and the blood flow was down to only the main artery in the man's arm.. none of the smaller vessels showed in the ray.
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