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Originally posted by Dom
lol - thats too funny Damzookeeper ..

Any idea what exacly happenned? Weirdest thing I did was drive reverse on the highway @ over a 100 k/h .. and saw ppl playing Jenga in the middle of the highway lol
I've been seen a couple traffic jams in Toronto now and I guess the people around there are so used of it. The last one I saw before this one was on the other side of the highway, thank God, and people were sitting on their cars (it was in July) and sitting on the pillars that devide the highways and some were even out of their cars playing ball or hackisack. It was too funny, although I'm sure it wasn't for them.

100k/m in reverse, huh? Remind me to never ride with you. lol
I'm just glad everyone got home safe.
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