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yeah u got it right! i did enjoy those!! i honestly didnt notice it was u casue of the size difference.... to most ppl who dont watch wrestling they prolly think earth earthquake is just a big guy... in a pic with me he would look freakish!! what was ur favorite era he partisiapted in?? like natural disastures? golga? when he was a single wrestler as earthquake?? hey u got any pics with mick foley?
Royce 4 life!! BEEF!!

What I got...
0.1 evil feline
1.0 hedgehog
1.2 leopard geckos
1.1 emerald swifts
0.0.1 blue tailed skink
2.1 fire belly toads
0.0.1 fire belly newt, eatern newt, oregon newt, mudpuppy
and lots of fish...
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