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I sold quite a few of my leos and mannaged to pay for my trip, pick up a shirt from Scotty for my daughter, a mug from the turtle rescue, and these two beauties.

My Christmas presant to me. lol. Does anyone recognise these guys? I don't know who they came from,( I was too excited when I found them and it totally slipped my mind to find out who they were from. lol) I know that it was a table behind me, I think maybe Rob was mentioned, but not sure. Thanks anyway, whoever it was. I love them. Now I have the two top cages filled above my leo rack system. lol, I have to use a ladder to get to them though since it is about 6 feet up.

You can see my eastern skink in the bottom cage and the rack is for my adult leos.

Again, I have to say..... I love these guys!!!
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