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Hey jay,

Glad to see your getting smarter with your ways, i know what your talking about exactly. Infact i got kicked out of my middle school for something that i didnt think i did, but when i sat there and thought about it, it scared the **** outta me because it all sunk in, and i knew that even though i may not have done that one thing, enough led up to it that i was screwed anyway. I knew if i stayed with the "I dont give a *hit about what you think" thoughts, my life wasn't going anywhere.

I dont know what age you are, but i am 14 and doing well now without the attd. If you just loose it you will get so much further in life, not to mention you will be happier.

Also, just in case you think you are a "rebel" and people look at you like that. Dont forget you are only 1 person out of 8 billon or so, nobody really cares about wtf you do, they can just dump you as for them it will be one less jerk to deal with, infact they are probably happy your gone for awhile. If you think its cool to be like that its really isn't, you really just look like a gaint *sshole.

All i am saying is that im glad your getting it, or your acting like you are.

Either way your still making a step and thats great!

A good way to deal with teachers, is just do the class, and do well you dont even need to talk to them. You will probably never have a class with them again anyways and if you pulled a good grade through there class, you showed them!

Thats just my .02 im sure some will disagree with it but thats how im getting through it.

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