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First off, good deal and great choice of snake!

Pines, Gopher and Bull snakes are Colubrids in the Pituophis group. Here in AZ we have 2 species of Gophers; Sonoran and Great Basin.

I have 3 Sonoran Gophers myself, all of which are WC. The smallest one is still pretty pissy, hisses and puffs up, all that fun stuff. The adults are very calm now and will cruize through my hands and fingers. The biggest is bit over 5 feet. Snakes in this group of snakes get big. They are Arizonas longest species of snake, and are known to get to ~108" (thats 9 feet) in length. Most of the time, they only get around 5-7 as for what I have seen in the wild. One of my all-time favorite colubrids, sweet a$$ snakes. I like them more than most kingsnakes and very much more than corns or other ratsnakes. Just awesome.
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Rattlesnakes of Arizona

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