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From the GREAT State of Washington...
We just went to a herp show in Oct... (In Puyallup) Saw a lot of cool critters, just nothing we were interested in, or wanted to buy.
We did notice there was only ONE baby hognose for sale, the year before there were NONE. Turns out that "the powers that be", passed a law, naming the hognose a Venimous snake... and they cannot be bred or sold in this state! Turns out the seller had 5 more which he sold for $250.00 each as soon as he was told about the law....(YES, he got ticketed for the snakes)... but he made more than enough to pay for the ticket, with a BIG profit left over. (He was selling them for $100.00 each to begin with)
(We had bought our "RED PHASE" Dusty hog from Richard Evans from West Texas Reptiles a year before, so we didn't get caught up in this "sting". ) Take care.... The Doc and Jan
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