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For the commonly said instinctual animals, why would one need to think while asleep?
i think i heard somewhere that if a person has dreamless sleep it will eventually lead to insanity and he had a good reason to back it up but i forgot what it was.

but yea i agree that some reptiles still think during sleep. my leos for example will sleep with one eye open and if i pass my finger past that one eye to the closed one the closed one will open which shows processed information and reaction. but then again that might not be thinking it could be pure instinctal. also while they're asleep they're more vulnerable to attack or prey might slip by.
during the day if i lift up a hide suddenly the leo sits there but if i push a cricket in front of it it goes crazy. if i dont put a cricket or tap its tail it sits for about 5 min then shakes its head and runs to the next hide. uh oh i think i'm starting to contradict myself.. i'll stop while i'm ahead..

oh and thx for startin this thread. i love psychology (holy crap i'm venomous now too! double score!.. sry, resume talkin bout brains)

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