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Hi jaybox!
I can remember plenty of kids growing up that did one or two things wrong and were marked throughout school because of it. The things you said that you did wrong in school are typical. If everyone thought long and hard, I'm sure they are accountable for many such similar things too. How many of us got into trouble with an older kid? How many of us got into trouble for talking in class? Geez, my Mom got a letter home every couple of weeks cause I was a chatter box, until one teacher took the time to ask what I was discussing all of the time. The answer: I was helping my friends with work they didn't understand and were too embarrassed to ask for help with. Good teachers are few and far between, you know, the ones who get to know thier students and can take the good with the bad. I think that if you go to this new school you will need to hold your tongue. Just keep reminding yourself to keep your opinions to yourself and just do the school work. If you can hold out then you will graduate Sometimes you have to bite your tongue and keep quiet, even when you know the other person is wrong. Especially with teachers, cause all of your new ones will see your records and automatically judge you, but if you prove them wrong from day one, they will be surprised and give you the benefit of the doubt.

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